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Medea (Mhvdeia)
Dates: 30th May 2013 - 01st June 2013
Times: 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Prices: Free, donations for Teatro Patologico will be collected on the night. Seat reservation is highly recommended
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Dario D’ambrosi woke up Wilton’s and its audience with the extraordinary Frustra-Azioni last year. We are delighted to welcome him back with a large contingent of actors with disabilities from his amazing drama school.

A project by
Dario D’ambrosi

Adapted and Directed By
Dario D’ambrosi

A Teatro Patologico Production

La Magia del Teatro (The Magic of Theatre) is a drama school where people with diverse-abilities (including epilepsy, neurological disabilities and Down syndrome) not only act in plays, but also write and design them.

This adaptation of the Greek classic Medea focuses on the relationship between language and the human body: the body itself becomes language and a means of communication. The principals speak in English and the chorus performs in Attic Greek (the product of an intense collaboration with language historians and philologists in Rome). The use of English will be connected with silence, with the absence of music and with the emotional charge in Medea’s speeches and in the rapid and intense dialogues.

Featuring many of La Magia del Teatro's students alongside professional actors such as Celeste Moratti (Medea), it is a real achievement to have this production here. We hope they enjoy their stay in London and that you will be as awed as we were with their show.

This will be an inspiring night and is generously supported by the John Ellerman Foundation.

Dario D’ambrosi & Teatro Patologico

"This new way of being on a stage, which for me is the healthiest possible, mirrors the sheer terror every human being feels at any time anywhere in the world. I don't know if any of my actors will actually leave the scene without warning, but then nobody will ever know. What you're about to see is absolutely truthful and unique. Each night will be an absolute surprise both for my 'patient-actors' and for the audience. It is a unique experience that will bring you close to true theatre, the Theatre of Emotion." Dario D'Ambrosi

Dario D'Ambrosi is a former professional soccer player, one of Italy's leading performance artists and originator of the theatrical movement called Teatro Patologico. A recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the Instituto del Drama Italiano (equivalent of a Tony Award in his country), he has written and directed over 13 plays, acted in 18 major films and TV movies, and written and directed three full-length films.

The main intent in La Magia del Teatro, the drama academy, is to stimulate the students’ creative freedom by giving them the theoretical and practical means to help them express themselves on the stage. The school (which has 160 students) isn’t so much a form of therapy but a chance for them to express themselves both artistically and emotionally, a place where they get to socialize and form important life skills, a serious vehicle of fun and a way to make the students feel and be the main actors.

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