Nobody Knows my Name presented by Poet in the City

17th March . 7.30pm .
£10 - 17 full price, £8 - 15 concessions

A night of live poetry and discussion in tribute to the multifaceted artist that was James Baldwin, exploring the failure of the media to recognise his life’s work beyond the singular narrative of the Black experience in America.  

A novelist, playwright, poet and essayist, James Baldwin was a writer of considerable talent. Baldwin broke new literary ground with his vivid and relentless explorations of racial and social issues, however he felt strongly that his work should not be exclusively defined by his identity. The implications of being viewed as a voice for a whole race weighed heavily on him and during his lifetime, he deliberately strove to position himself and his writing outside of the African-American bracket.

Join us for a panel discussion featuring individuals deeply inspired by the poet and live readings of some of Baldwin’s most interesting poems and essays.  

When is failure a good thing? Poet in the City's 2020 programme contemplates failure as a catalyst for change. 
Carry on the conversation about representation in the media with us in our post-event space in the Cocktail Bar. We'll bring the popcorn, you bring the chat. 

Save 15% if you book full price tickets for all three events in the programme. Find out more about the other two events:
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