Free story telling from our fabulous drag performers

6th September . 10 - 11am .
Free ·

Listen to your favourite stories and discover new ones, as they are read and brought to life by colourful and charismatic, gender fluid performers.

Inspired by Drag Queen Story Hour in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, we present our own, home-grown and dressed up story sessions with added song, dance and craft. Each of our Tales in Drag sessions will be led by a drag king or queen, with help from a glamorous assistant (or facilitator as they are often known these days). Our stories have been specially selected to encourage children to be true to and have confidence in themselves and to embrace any differences in themselves or others – no matter what those differences may be. Tales may include a musical element or accompaniment. Story-telling will be followed by a craft session, themed to complement the magical tales told and our hour of fun will close with another short story and/or music and dance so there will be plenty of opportunity for budding performers to show off shamelessly. Dressing up is optional (though strongly encouraged) but having MASSIVE FUN will be compulsory!  

Fanta LeMon is the creation of Sophie Crawford, East London actor, musician and theatre maker who is currently touring Translunar Paradise with Theatre Ad Infinitum. She has been performing as a drag king for six years and, as her latest drag incarnation Fanta LeMon, for two years. She has played Song Woman in the West End production of War Horse, is a member of all-girl boy band BOYZ, and writes exquisite songs.  Sophie has also been storyteller for Live Canon theatre company and her theatre for children includes Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave with Ga Ga Theatre and Pirate Pepperbeard and the great Spice Heist with Goat and Monkey. Fanta LeMon got his name from drinking ten whole cans of Fanta Lemon in a row at the YMCA youth club with his other BOYZ. His favourite stories are Teddy Bear Baker and Ho Ho for the Robbers.  

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