Guided Tours

3Jul. 22 Nov.

Discover the diverse history behind the row of five terraced houses and performance space that form Wilton's Music Hall. This guided tour takes you on a journey from the 17th century through to the pr...

Film Tours

10Sep. 19 Nov.

Wilton's has been used as the location for numerous films, television shows and music videos. Join us as we delve into our cinematic past and discover the creative process behind greats such as Muppet...

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A Refugee Love Story

18Sep. 28 Sep.

Sex, religion, tragedy and triumph...This darkly funny musical folk tale erupts from a shipping container, lifts you by the collar and takes you on a whirlwind exploration of what love actually means ...

Monday Night Music: Aletia Upstairs and The Flamingo Orchestra

Free Event
30Sep. Mon

Vintage songstress Aletia Upstairs and The Flamingo Orchestra indulge in sounds from the bygone eras of Weimar Cabaret, Jazz and Blues. Their unique old-fashioned sound, complimented by a cocktail or ...

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