The Faction presents three solo performances of classics from Cervantes, Goethe and Kafka

12th January to 15th January . 7:30pm to 9:40pm .
12.50 stalls 10 balcony and restricted view 7.50 concessions

Transformations is three incredible solo performances of classic stories in fresh, contemporary new adaptations by emerging playwright Gareth Jandrell. Directed and produced by Rachel Valentine Smith and Mark Leipacher as part of their celebrated Reptember Reloaded solo season.
Cervantes' Dialogue of the Dogs, performed by Natasha Rickman:  
Woof. Woof. Grr. That is all dogs have to say isn't it? What if it isn't? What if they had desires, needs and dreams, and what if we could hear them? 

Goethe's Faust, performed by Christopher Hughes:  
What makes a man good? What says he is a saint, or a sinner? When we look at the minutiae, the answers are clear. The Devil is in the detail, after all. 

Kafka's The Metamorphosis, performed by Tom Radford:  
Gregor is a salesman. Gregor wakes up like he does every day. But Gregor's back is a huge dome. And Gregor's little legs are small and swing wildly. What to do? 

Rachel Valentine Smith: thefaction.org.uk/rachel-valentine-smith
Mark Leipacher: thefaction.org.uk/mark-leipacher

They like it

  • an important event for theatre and literature lovers... The Faction's eye for detail in text and aesthethics makes this event something you have to catch

    A Younger Theatre

  • The Faction's thrilling, rough theatre-ish version made me feel that I had never seen the play before... Go.

    ****. The Independent on Mary Stuart

  • Yet another bold achievement for a very talented ensemble

    ****. Time Out on The Talented Mr Ripley

  • Bar Food

    This month, Bliss Catering will be serving food Tuesday - Saturday (excluding Friday 29th January) before the shows from 5:30pm and snacks during the intervals. Click here to view the full menu: January2016Food.pdf.

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