with Pippa Evans

16th January . 10am to 5pm .
Every day we are making things up as we go along. What am I having for breakfast? How am I responding to the angry man on the bus? What shall I say in this meeting? Sometimes that can be a little bit daunting. What if there were some tools that could make it all a little bit easier? What if there were skills you could acquire to tackle the everyday in new and exciting ways? 

Good news - there are!

Pippa Evans has improvised her way through the last 10 years both on and off stage and the parallels between improv and life skills are staggering! Let her share with you what she has learnt working with fabulous people around the world, including Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton), Det Andre Teatret (Norway) and individuals like Patti Styles, Alan Marriott and of course, The Showstoppers. 

You'll work on:
Building ideas with others
Listening skills
Connecting with others
Public speaking
Bringing your best self to the foreground

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