16th June . 7pm to 8pm .
Imagine if there was a different way to choose a political leader. An easier way.

War is so Generation X, Y & Z and too messy. TV is safe. The People’s Political Pageant is the only interactive reality TV show that lets you choose who to give power to - a fun frolic that plays to our obsession with celebrity and voyeurism.. Do you want a prime minister, emperor or rock star? You’re invited to the live filming of the Ultimate Final, where the top two contestants will battle it out to be on top.

A dark mashup of political programmes like Question Time and reality TV shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race, TPPP will explore the pageantry of politics. The audience will have the opportunity to interact with our finalists and their social media personas, as the top two compete in a series of ludicrous challenges in their desperate pursuit of the ultimate prize of power. And remember, we never said it was going to be a clean fight...

This project is part of Plays Without Decor

All profits go to Theatre Troupe

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