9th July . 8pm . 60 minutes, no interval
Full Price £8.50 to £15; Concessions £6.50 to £13

Ida Barr – the People’s Pensioner and the Queen Mother of our Hearts – is a former music hall singer turned rap star and a Wilton’s favourite. Her brand of Artificial Hip Hop has thrilled listeners globally from dope cribs to residential care homes.

But Ida is keeping it real. Politicians have proved over and over that they can’t be trusted. "Power to the people!" shouts Ida from her sheltered accommodation in Dalston. Nothing will be the same again after a night of social agitation and tiny acts of rebellion using protest R&B and dissident songs from the 19th century all rapped up in a communal hip-hop style with mass singalongs and lots of the most revolutionary tool of all – laughter!

Ida Barr is the creation of Olivier award-winning performer and writer Christopher Green also known for Tina C., The Singing Hypnotist, Prurience, and Music Hall Monster: The Insatiable Mr Fred Barnes.


They like it

  • The audience became one during a night of uplifting joy courtesy of the legendary Ida Barr

    The Telegraph

  • Ida Barr is leg-crossingly funny and occasionally heartbreakingly moving

    The Times

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