27th October to 31st October . 8pm to 9pm . Recommended for ages 12+
12.50 full price 6 under eighteens

"...their intensity grips us and draws us into their world.. It's haunting! It's brilliant!" ★★★★★ SGFringe.                                                                                                    

You're invited to the edge of your seat...into the darkest corners of the night. Our advice? Don't come alone...

Edward Dunning, academic expert in the occult, has recently rejected a paper by a man named Karswell. Things take a dark turn for Dunning when he is passed a mysterious strip of paper covered in runic lettering. With the help of a new acquaintance, Dunning must uncover the secret of the runes before the dark presence at his heels finally catches up with him...

This cunning adaptation of M.R. James' classic thriller conjures up a chilling and thoroughly entertaining hour of theatre with just two performers, one handmade puppet and a haunting original soundtrack.

Adapted from the novel by M.R James
Directed by Robert Soulsby-Smith
Created and performed by Box Tale Soup

They like it

  • ...slick and perfectly pitched...

    ****. A Younger Theatre

  • This is storytelling at its crafty best.

    ****. The Latest

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