by CandyBomber

24th July to 26th July . 7:30PM .
£10 - £22 full price | £7.50 - £19.50 concessions

CandyBomber brings FRAY to London, an all new and inventive dance theatre experience that weaves a moving story about two deeply bonded brothers through a vibrant tapestry of original music, world-class hip hop dance, voice and large screen visuals that bring to life the dazzling video game adventures that light up the brothers' sparse world and capture their hearts and imaginations.

When the brothers discover hip hop in their teens, a captivating real world of friends, dancing and competitive success calls, matching the allure of their brotherly passion for games.  But real life isn't a game and dark forces loom that draw them apart.  Tullio finds himself in a real life quest in which there is no super powered "game controller" for real people, and steering his older brother away from the perilous influences that attract him can't be programmed into a computer.  Tullio must dig deep to discover another sort of power within himself mighty enough to turn fear into hope for them both.   

There will be a live introduction to the performance each night by hip hop host and presenter Fusion.

The FRAY Show opens with a new spoken word piece by award winning rap poet, Big Scoop.

'Fray is a world-class, dazzling production which is absolutely worth a visit' ★★★★★ Theatre and Tonic
'Gomez and Graham’s choreography is the show’s greatest asset.' The Reviews Hub 
'Hip hop and gaming combine for a high-energy, lesson-laden tale of fraternal bonds.' The Stage.

Created by CandyBomber Productions
Writer and Director Kate Duhamel
Producer and Choreographer Sisco Gomez
Assistant Choreographer  John Graham 
PerformersPerformers: Jamai Robinson, Elijah Smith, Ola Papior, Ken Nguyen, Jost Karlin, Marie Spieldenner, Molly Hincks
Composer James Jackson
Lighting Designer Clancy Flynn
Video Design Anjelo Alonte with Kate Duhamel 

Running time: 90 minutes
Age guidance: 15+

CandyBomber invites you to step into Tullio and Ziya's world to play "FRAY Jam" before the show. Play as Tullio dance battling challenger rats in a short, dance-based game on your mobile device.  Free in app stores here:  Apple App Store HERE and Google Play Store Here

Audience Quotes from the US performance: 
"Fray is a rush: a  physical, musical, visual, narrative adventure…exhilarating, mesmerizing, and emotional." "The concept is brilliant, and the story is relatable - the whole performance just flows."

"My family were floored with the concept and the dancers and music were spectacular." 

"Looking forward to more experiences like this!"
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