With support from Hot Border Special

15th May . 7pm Doors, 7:30pm Hot Border Special, 9pm Destroyers . (all times are approximate)
12.50 advanced 15 on the door


A massive juggernaut of sound filled with screaming fiddles, the sound of the haunting duduk, blazing horns... and the usual mayhem of hurdy-gurdying, throat singing.

Unique is a word that is over-used and abused but it was never more aptly employed than to describe The Destroyers. We’re delighted to welcome back this 13-strong band for an energetic night of madcap music and mayhem. How can we describe the indescribable? We could say Klezmer/Balkan/gypsy/folk/punk/ska/jazz but that would barely scratch the surface. Self-billed as 'megafolk mentalism', they know no musical boundaries and are a refreshing antidote to today's manufactured, mass-market acts.

Showcasing some new tracks expect to be introduced to an incompetent Northern wizard in The Wizard of Warrington, a disturbing glimpse into the dystopia of Milk the Cat, where humans are forced by their feline overlords to drink cat’s milk (of course) and an obese pied-piper who gorges himself on our Sorrows, Tears and Woes.

This is definitely one not to miss.



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